The Cropping on the DVD of «Magnificent Warriors»

Here are some examples to show that the transfer of the Hong Kong Legends DVD of «Magnificent Warriors» is indeed cropped, from 2.35:1 to 2.06:1. Comparison is made between the film (cropped) and the English trailer (aproximated original aspect ratio). The "original" trailer is presented distorted.

Please note that it the film doesn't show "more vertical information". On the contrary, it is the electronic black bars inserted on the trailer transfer that are covering a bit too much. The film was shot on anamorphic Panavision. It is commonly known that there's no extra image available on film with this process.

On the Bullet 'n' Babes DVDs site it's said "below you'll see that it is not a case of cropping" ( But the example presented actually shows that the image is cropped on the sides. There's less of the curtain on the right and more room to the left of the candle.

Note how you can see an eight person on the left, on the 2.35:1 image.

The overscanning on my TV crops the man's eyes completely on the film, though in this computer scan we can see a bit. Just slightly. You don't need to study film to understand how the effect is reduced not seeing the eyes on a shot where someone is hurt.

Once more, the overscan on my TV crops completely the face of the person hiding on the left. I can only see an arm!